Ching Hua Chinese Language School in Ottawa Ching Hua Chinese Language School


General Interest Course

Parents' Cantonese Language Class

8 classes
Winter/Spring 2017

We almost have enough to start an adult class this fall term!

Fee:: $75 + HST (total:: $84..75)  Payable by cheque only payable to: 

Ottawa Catholic School Board

Please write student’s name, program (Parent Cantonese language Class) and site (St Anthony School) on all cheques. 
Delivery the cheque and registration form to IL Site Administrator on site.

Use the 'contact us' web-form to signal your interest and availability.  Course will be offered again with sufficient students.

Summer is winding up and the new academic year approaches. Our Chinese language program started in 1980 and continues to offer Cantonese or Mandarin lessons for elementary pupils.  

Classes are in pedagogically appropriate rooms equipped with SmartBoard technology, each teacher is are equipped with SmartNotebook on Dell i5 Intel laptops as donated from TELUS and Computers for Schools.

The program is open and welcoming to students of various linguistic backgrounds. 

Our teachers have both recordings on laptops and SmartBoards to assist in class for a multimedia enriched experience.  Students will have textbooks and notebooks to take home to reinforce and share their learning at home.

Enrollment forms can be brought to school on the first day back to school. Returning and new students, we look forward to seeing you Saturdays, September 9, 2017 to June 16, 2018, from 9:30 am-12:00 pm

Ching Hua c/o St Anthony
391 Booth Street
Ottawa, ON K1R 7K5