Ching Hua Chinese Language School

Community Organizations and Groups

Community organizations and local community groups are a valuable resource
to a school board. They can promote and support the ILE program in key
ways as requested by the board and may be invited to contribute to many
aspects of it. Both organizations and less formal groups can:
•• provide input (if asked by the school board) into the selection of instructors,
such as by determining their language proficiency;
•• make local community resources available for use in the program;
•• collaborate on the development of appropriate courses of study;
•• suggest and help to acquire resources;
•• develop locally produced learning materials to supplement courses of
study that reflect Ontario’s diversity;
•• act as a liaison with parents and community members.

Welcome to the Ching Hua Chinese Language School  

Our Saturday morning classes are funded, run and supervised by the Ministry of Education's International Languages Program.  

Helping students acquire the Chinese language in Cantonese since 1980, and in Mandarin since 2011.  Our program is non-denominational, and are held at St Anthony School in downtown Ottawa, near the heart of Chinatown at 391 Booth Street. Our International Languages Program program started with Cantonese as an indepedant entity, and later merged with the OCSB when the curriculum was known as the Heritage Program.  We also support learning in Mandarin as well for elementary students.

Classrooms at St Anthony School are outfitted with SmartBoard screens.   Each classroom has a Dell laptop from your Parent Association Council with software for SmartNotebook from the OCSB.